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The quotation page lets you give an exact description of what you have in mind so we give you an informed response and our best quote. Useful for sliding door material combinations featuring mirror, coloured glass and woodgrains.

You can get a quotation for your doors in several ways:

 - telephone us on 01642 881089 M: 07725136702
 - use the quotation form below






Door Styles

Get a Quotation Form

1. enter the opening sizes
2. choose the number of doors and frame finish
3. indicate panel styles and materials for each door
4. any other comments or questions you may have
5. send your request
***Please note - entering the first part of your postcode  can
sometimes help us give you a better quote!
**Please note - A free local survey of your requirements is available
within a 20 miles radius of Middlesbrough

Full Panel

Full Panel

Even oriental

Even Oriental

Wide Oriental

Wide Oriental

Narrow Oriental

Narrow Oriental

Steel Frames Choices  

(click images to view larger)

Black Steel Frame  Oak Steel Frame  Silver Steel Frame  Walnut Steel Frame 

White Steel Frame


Aluminium Frames Choices 

(click images to view larger)

Black Aluminium Frame  Olive Aluminium Frame  Silver Aluminium Frame


Wood Finishes Panel Choices

(click images to view larger)

light_oak  walnut  wenge

Glass Finishes Panel Choices

(click images to view larger)


045  aubergine  beige_classic  blue_luminous 

blue_metal  Blue Pastel  bronze_mirror  classic_black 

classic_brown  dark_blue  dark_red  fuchsia 

green_pastel  grey_classic  grey_metal  light_beige 

light_brown  metal_taupe  orange_classic.  pearl_white

pure_white  red_luminous  rich_aluminium  rich_copper

rich_gold  soft_white  starlight_black